CAS (Co-Curricular Activities)

We have a ton of co-curricular activities for all our high school students to take part in. We divide our activities by the International Baccalaureate (IB) terminology of CAS which stands for Creativity, Activity and Service.

Creativity (The Arts)

ISM is very well known for its visual and performing arts programs. Whether you have an interest in plays, musicals, dancing, music or debate, I’m sure you’ll find something of interest.

Our Art Director is Ms. Marsha Hillman. She can be reached at

For more details on the creativity options here at ISM, please go here.

Activity (Sports)

We have a lot of seasonal sports and all year sports that you may be interested in. For the seasonal sports we have Soccer, Volleyball and Cross Country for Season 1 (August – October), Basketball, Rugby (boys), Touch Rugby (girls), Tennis and Swimming for Season 2 (October – February) and Track and Field, Badminton, Baseball (boys), Softball (girls) and Golf for Season 3 (February – April). We do have a Season 4 for it is mainly for off-season training. All year sports include (but is not limited to) such activities as Tae Kwan Do, Table Tennis and Wall Climbing.

Our Athletic Director is Mr. Mark Pekin. He can be reached at

For more details on the action options here at ISM, please go here.

For specific information on our 1st season tryouts in August, please go here.

Service (Volunteer Work/Council Work/Clubs)

Service is an integral part of being a Bearcat at ISM. We have numerous service clubs as well as other interest clubs to keep you busy. Plus, if we don’t have a club that interests you, you may be able to start your own club.

Our Service Learning Coordinator is Mr. Neil Woods. He can be reached at

For more details on the service options (and other club options) here at ISM, please go here.