Grade 12

Grade 12

Senior 2017-18 –  US/Canada College Application Presentation

Senior 2017-2018 – UK Application Presentation

Welcome back Seniors!

We are excited to be back for our fourth year with the Class of 2018! For those of you who don’t know us, here’s a little bit about each of us.

I’m Ms. Maz, and I teach HS English. I also advise the Yoga and Wellbeing Club in the high school. I have a cat named ‘Burg who aspires to be ISM’s new mascot. (

I’m Mr. Paulson, and I teach HS Biology and ToK. I also coach Boys Volleyball and Basketball. You’ll know me by my brightly colored tattoos, loud hawaiian shirts and funky socks. (

Together, we are your Grade Level Coordinators (GLCs) and our job is to work together with the Grade Level Council and your homeroom advisors to make this year as spirited and​ successful as possible! We’re looking forward to everything from kicking off the year with the Battle of the Bearcats, to closing it out with prom, and everything in between.

We’re moving up in the world, or at least the school, anyway.

​As seniors, there will be new challenges and new adventures, and through it all we hope to strengthen our sense of community, continue to ​forge our friendships, and solidify our identity as a class.  We’ve already shown we have​ a passion for service,​ and we want to channel that enthusiasm into continuing to​ grow our relationship our​ service partner, Project BEST.

ISM offers so many ways to get involved – whether it be sports, clubs, the arts, service, or event-planning committee, there’s something for everyone. We hope that this year each one of you can take on a leadership role in something that​ excites you or something that you already love.

Here’s to a wonderful senior year!

 Ms. Alexa Mazarakis & Mr. Ben Paulson
Grade 12 GLCs (Grade Level Coordinators)

Senior Timeline

August – September

  • Access Senior Year Checklist Here
  • Continue strong academic performance in grade 12
  • Continue to explore areas of interest, take risks, expand your talents, and grow as a person
  • Complete Senior Profile in Naviance: Family Connection due in August
  • Finalize list of US colleges
  • Submit Philippine university transcript requests
  • Attend college visits at ISM
  • Schedule meetings with counselor
  • Parent College Application Night
  • UCAS Application Night
  • Common Application Workshops
  • US Essay Writing Workshops #2
  • UCAS/UK Personal Statement Workshop #2
  • ACT offered in September


  • Attend college visits at ISM
  • Teacher recommendation requests are due
  • Participate in US College interview workshop
  • Submit UK/UCAS Oxbridge, medicine, and veterinary science applications
  • ACT offered
  • SAT Reasoning and Subject tests offered
  • IB Predicted grades available
  • Finalize list of UK universities


  • Attend college visits on campus
  • SAT Reasoning and Subject tests offered (including language w/listening)
  • Parents attend Senior Parent Transition Workshop
  • Finalize and submit ALL transcript requests
  • US Early Decision, Early Application, & Priority applications due
  • University of California system application due November 30


  • SAT Reasoning and Subject tests offered
  • ACT offered
  • Submit applications to US


 February – April

  • Admission decisions arrive from colleges in UK, US, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong


  • Korean University transcript requests due
  • IB Exams
  • Deposit to colleges (US, Canada)
  • Reply to UK offers (insurance and firm choice)


  • IB results released
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