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Other English Options


The globalization and internationalism of higher education is ever changing and growing. We’re seeing more universities who are keen to attract international students and/or create programs that are meant to draw students from all over the world. Additionally, some governments are keen to attract foreign students or provide foreign education within their country to address an area of need. This usually leads to partnerships like Yake-NUS (providing a liberal arts education in Singapore) and education cities like in Doha, Qatar and Incheon, Korea. The primary language of instruction is almost always English and may provide additional courses or instruction in other languages. Typically, these universities fall into the following categories:

  • National universities with multiple campuses (ie: NYU, Georgetown, Monash, etc.)
    • The campus abroad may offer limited majors or focus on specific programs that are in high need in the host country. Typically, these tend to be American institutions, but Monash (Australia) and Ghent (Belgium) are exceptions.
  • National curriculum universities abroad (ie: Franklin College Switzerland)
    • These universities originate in one country, but offer the curriculum of abother. Franklin College for example was established in Switzerland but provides and American curriculum.
  • International Universities (ie: Hult, APU, IE, Jacobs, etc.)
    • These institutions are designed specifically to create a diverse student population and focus on internationalism throughout all programs.





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