South Korea

 Academic Year
 Application Timeline varies
December – January (of Senior year)
June-July (after graduation)
 Annual Tuition Cost
 Bachelor Degree
 Admission Requirements – Academic Record (Transcript)
– IB Diploma (or Predicted Grades depending on deadline)
– Recommendations
Application Process

1. Identify the following classification of student:
> 3 years study outside of Korea
3-11 years study outside of Korea
12+ years student outside of Korea

2. Complete application (could be paper, online, or combination of both)

3. Request teacher recommendation

4. Inform Counselor of Required School Documents via Transcript Request – Research what documents ISM needs to send and notify your counselor at least THREE weeks before the application deadline or in some cases no later than April 15 of Senior year. Such documents could include: high school transcript, middle school transcript, certificate of attendance, counselor evaluation (secondary school report), school profile, teacher recommendations.